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If you believe that you were fired, demoted or punished by your employer in retaliation for asserting your employment rights, contact an employment retaliation lawyer at The Navarette Law Firm in San Jose today for a consultation. You may have a strong retaliation case.

Has Your Employer Retaliated Against You? We Can Help You

We represent employees just like you who need help because you were retaliated against by their employer. Our experience, tenacity, and court room skill as employment law attorneys enables us to fight for the best settlement for you or the best recovery at trial.

Examples Of Retaliation In The Workplace

Employer retaliation is all too common, especially in The Bay Area and Silicon Valley.  Examples of employer retaliation include:

1) Being given fewer hours or less pay

2) Being assigned to dangerous duties or transfered to a dangerous or far away location

3) Being demoted, fired, or other punishing conduct

4) Your employer punished you because you attempted to enforce your legal rights, helped a co-worker assert their legal rights, or you reported what you believed to be illegal activity by the company to a governmental agency

Listed below are just a few examples of circumstances that may have prompted your employer to retaliate against you:

  • You filed a workers' compensation claim or attempted to file a workers' compensation claim
  • You took a leave for pregnancy, a leave for a disability or a leave for a family emergency
  • You reported illegal behavior by your employer, such as unpaid overtime or no breaks, or you reported a dangerous workplace condition
  • You complained of racial discrimination or sexual harassment or any other type of harassment or discrimination taking place at work
  • You testified in support of a co-worker's complaint of discrimination or harassment, or you helped a co-worker to report it
  • You cooperated with a state or federal investigation involving the company you work for, or that you used to work for

Retaliation Can Happen To Anybody - If It Has Happened To You, We Will Get You Justice

People of color, single mothers, and undocumented workers are especially vulnerable to workplace retaliation. But it can happen to anyone. It can even happen to directors and high level executives. Our retaliation lawyers fight for workers who are victims of employer retaliation. We will get you justice. You can contact an experienced retaliation attorney at The Navarette Law Firm in San Jose for an evaluation of your workplace retaliation case.

If There Is No Recovery In Your Case, You Will Owe Us No Fee - Guaranteed*

Our record of success at The Navarette Law Firm speaks for itself. Please click on oue Case Results page for examples of compensation won for some of our clients. When we evaluate your case, we will give you a no-nonsense legal opinion as to whether you have a good retaliation case or not. Please contact us today at The Navarette Law Firm for a evaluation of your retaliation case. If we accept your case and we do not recover compensation for you, you will owe us no fee. Plain and simple. Guaranteed.  *Please note that there is a fee for the initial consultation.