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Class Actions

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Class-action litigation can be a good way to resolve numerous complaints of widespread employment practices that violate a large group of workers’ rights:

  • Wage and hour claims such as unpaid overtime claims, unpaid wages claims, working off the clock claims, non-exempt employee claims, no rest or meal break claims
  • Race discrimination cases because a large group of workers suffered racial discrimination
  • Age discrimination cases because a large group of workers over the age of 40 suffered age discrimination
  • Hostile work environment cases because a large group of workers suffered sexual harassment or suffered other hostile treatment at work
  • Pregnancy discrimination cases because a large group of pregnant women were adversely disciplined or fired for being pregnant

Employment Law Attorneys Representing Employees In Class-Action Lawsuits

If you suspect that you’re not the only employee of your company who was not paid overtime, or not given rest breaks or lunch breaks, or has an unpaid wages claim, contact the Navarette Law Firm to speak to an attorney about your potential class-action claim.

When A Group Of Employees Has Been Treated Unfairly

Only rarely will one of our clients recognize from the beginning that his or her employment law claim might be suitable for class-action litigation. We are here to provide you with information and advice about pursuing a class-action lawsuit. Ordinarily, we only discover the possibility of a class-action lawsuit after a thorough client consultation, or after we’ve investigated the case and found from witnesses or past records that many other workers have had your same exact problem with your employer. Whether your case is related to unpaid overtime, misclassification as an exempt employee, denial of rest breaks or lunch breaks, or unpaid wages, we can advise you on the most appropriate option: pursuing your case as a class-action lawsuit, or on an individual basis.

Few Employers Welcome The Prospect Of Defending A Class-Action Lawsuit

Most employers are terrified of class-action lawsuits. Even the prospect that a single person’s complaint could become a class-action lawsuit creates a huge incentive for the employer to settle the case on terms that are fair to the class of employees. We will provide you with complete class-action information so you can decide if you want to pursue a class-action lawsuit against your employer or former employer.

In Class-Action Lawsuits, If There Is No Recovery, There Is No Fee

To find out more class-action lawsuit information and whether your case qualifies for a class-action lawsuit, call 866-994-BEST (2378) or contact us via email.

In all class-action cases, we associate with another law firm that has the expertise to ensure that the rights of the class are protected and that fair, court-approved compensation is paid to the members of the class, including you.

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